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  • Wolfenburg

    h4. Wolfenburg The capital city of *Wolfenburg* is the primary population center within [[Ostland]] although it is one of the least populated provinces of [[the Empire]] due to its inhospitability. It is surrounded by the [[Forest of Shadows]] which …

  • "Flick" Schwerner

    Flick was there to greet Pantalaimon and Wincewind as they disembarked their ship and guided them to the _The Nine Tailed Cat_ where they might rest after their long journey.

  • Wilhelm Reitsmann

    Wilhelm is the innkeeper and owner of _The Nine Tailed Cat_. A devout worshipper of Sigmar, he's always willing to pull a pint and listen to a tale of a passing adventurer. Wilhelm has greeted and talked with several of our adventurers, including Prego …

  • Rupp

    Not much is known about Rupp. No one is sure how he lost his leg, and his story changes every time you ask him about it. For as long as many can remember, Rupp has worked the docks of Wolfenburg.

  • Detlef Bremmer

    Detlef Bremmer has worked as a city official in Wolfenburg almost as long as cares to remember, which typically isn't long considering his penchant for drinking himself into a stupor. Foulmouthed and bull headed, he is responsible for dealing with the …