Chaos refers to the often malevolent entities which live in some sort of parallel universe, known as the “Realm of Chaos”. The term “Chaos” can refer to the entities and their influence, the servants and worshipers of these entities, or even the parallel universe in which these entities reside.

Chaos is a seductive force, capable of corrupting any who follow it; even the most strong-willed and goodly-inclined follower will gradually be corrupted and become another follower of Chaos. This corruption is not just spiritual, but also physical- followers of the Chaos Gods frequently find them being mutated by their masters.

The Chaos Gods

The most powerful of the Chaos entities are those known as the Chaos Gods, also sometimes referred to as the “Dark Gods” or the “Ruinous Powers”. These entities are described as being enormously powerful, and seeking to extend that power into the realm of mortals. They do this by attracting followers amongst mortals by promising power, wealth, immortality or whatever else the potential servant desires. The gods are typically capricious, selfish and vain, demanding absolute loyalty from their servants and rewarding deeds when they wish, in whatever ways they deem appropriate.

There are many Chaos Gods, but there are four which are significantly more powerful than the rest. The four great gods often spark great wars against other factions with the aim of gaining total domination over the entire World. These gods are:

  • Khorne – god of hate, blood, rage, war and killing
  • Nurgle – god of decay, despair, destruction, and disease
  • Slaanesh – god of decadence, excess, pleasure and self indulgence
  • Tzeentch – god of change, scheming and sorcery


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