Ostland is a province/state of the Empire. It is located on the northern central edge of the Empire and is bordered by the Urskoy River to the east, Hochland to the south, and Nordland to the west. Directly north of Ostland lies the barren and rough area known as Kislev and further still, Troll Country.

Wolfenburg is the primary population center within Ostland although it is one of the least populated provinces of the Empire due to its inhospitability. Those who live there are considered the toughest and most determined members of the Empire. The Forest of Shadows covers a huge amount of the province but is an eerie place, filled with distorted trees and fungi, as well as forest Goblins, Beastmen, giant spiders and other Chaos entities live here. The Middle Mountains are also partly within Ostland and are a haven for thieves and Chaos Warbands, although the Ogre population is sometimes used in Ostland’s armies. These creatures are most feared by all who face them.

Ostland villages are small and family driven. Inbreeding is constant and other provinces find this hard to believe, although they would never voice these opinions to an Ostlander. The money that flows into the provinces comes from the fur trade, although Ostlanders are prone to spending their money on ostentatious status symbols – armor or firearms. As a result, they do not hire ‘unreliable’ mercenaries.

The current color scheme of Ostland is black and white in a quartered pattern and the most common motif of Ostland troops is the bull.

The current Elector Count of Ostland is Valmir Von Raukov, a renowned archer and fighter. He is also more of a warlord than politician, possibly a good thing when the Chaos hordes come rushing into the province.


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